We have a range of alcohol rehab treatment programs that can help overcome addiction to alcohol. For someone with a long standing or heavy use alcohol addiction, or an individual who is experiencing symptoms of withdrawal or displaying destructive behaviours, an inpatient period of detoxification and to gain abstinence is suggested. Alcohol rehab centres are essential for anyone suffering from alcohol addiction.

The best alcohol rehab centres provide a well-balanced detoxification at the beginning, then a long-term recovery programme. Alcohol rehab centres should treat both the psychological and the physical aspects of addition. Some alcohol rehab centres are drop-in centres that provide a structured schedule of out-patient counselling sessions and professional help. Because the majority of relapses occur outside of an in-patient facility, these residential alcohol rehab centres are preferred by many patients. Alcohol rehab centre support staff should include trained counsellors, in addition to specialist doctors and nurses. A patient in alcohol rehab should not expect to be looked after by one staff member, but by a whole team of knowledgeable individuals.

The services offered by an alcohol rehab centre will be at their most effective when an individual has a desire to cease using alcohol. Once a person has admitted that they need help the next move is often to contact one of the many alcohol rehab clinics, which are based all over the country. One of the first steps in the treatment is for the patient to undergo alcohol detox to remove all traces of the substance from their system. The process of alcohol detox is normally carried out under medical supervision, after which counsellors will examine the patient’s behaviour and the circumstances that led to his or her reliance on alcohol.

Alcohol Rehab Clinics are recognised as one of the most effective means of alcohol treatment because they have formulated a program over many years which includes group therapy, step work from alcoholics anonymous , holistic therapy’s and lectures. There is no cure for alcoholism but there is a treatment and an on-going program for when the client leaves the alcohol rehab. ‘Alcohol rehab’ in its purest sense of the phrase can be distinct from alcohol rehab clinics as a rehab is usually a larger therapeutic setting and can have over 30 clients at any one time, there will also be government funded clients whereas alcohol clinics are usually smaller having around 10-15 clients who are all private paying.

The second stage of treatment at alcohol rehab clinics is to start making changes. The length of each alcohol rehab programme will vary, depending on the clinic and the type of treatment that is required. Alcohol Rehab NHS. The NHS do offer help and we can give advice on where your local drug and alcohol team is located.