Anorexia, also known as anorexia nervosa in clinical terms, is a severe eating disorder characterised by an abnormal obsession with body image. We say ‘she’ not because men do not suffer from anorexia, but because the disorder disproportionately affects women. Some 66% of all anorexia patients are women whose battle with the condition started sometime in childhood.

More often than not, anorexia begins manifesting itself after some sort of extreme stress. The anorexia sufferer usually starts out eating and exercising normally. As already mentioned, anorexia disproportionately affects women. The signs and symptoms of anorexia are easy to spot in theory. If you have even the slightest suspicion that someone you love is suffering from anorexia, please do that person a favour by looking more closely at what is going on.

The signs and symptoms of anorexia manifest themselves both physically and emotionally. The signs and symptoms should make it clear how dangerous anorexia is. As frightening and debilitating as anorexia can be, it is very treatable. Along with each one of those celebrities, there are untold numbers of others who also successfully overcome anorexia. The second part of treatment is to deal with the emotional problems that led to the anorexia, getting these settled so that the patient once again thinks rationally about food, eating, and body image.

The harder part of treatment is dealing with the underlying emotional issues. Our number one priority for helping anorexics is to direct them to the most appropriate treatment possible. Because we know the most effective solutions address both the physical and psychological aspects of anorexia, we focus on private rehab clinics and other service providers proven to treat the whole person rather than just physical symptoms.

We help people suffering from eating disorders such as anorexia. Just contact us to learn more about what anorexia is and how wellness can be achieved through treatment. We have access to treatment centres all across the UK more than capable of helping you or your loved one overcome this potentially dangerous problem.