Camping Options Near Mumbai to Enjoy with Your Family

Camping Options Near Mumbai to Enjoy with Your Family

Planning camping would be the best thing you can do for your family. It would be great fun and excitement away from home. Camping will also bring you and your family members close to nature. The view of lakes, mountains, and campgrounds will be cherished by everyone.


To avoid any sort of problem at a later stage it would be always better than the booking is done well in advance. One of the best options near Mumbai is the Pawna Lake camping getaway, which is a 2D/1N package including all meals, camping gear, outdoor & indoor games. Plus the location is lakeside. It is always good if you seek advice from your friends and relatives who have already done camping. By contacting them you will be able to get a better idea about the best packages offered in this regard.


There are different packages that are available online. You can properly go through these packages and decide which one you will like to book for. It is better that you book for two days/one-night package to have total fun. Remember that do not take extra luggage with you that can be managed in the package itself. Thus, looking for a package that includes camping gear, meals, indoor and outdoor games would be worth it. Try to choose the package that gives a good lakeside view.

To make your camping entertaining it is very important that you play different games. There are numerous indoor games like chess, carom-board, puzzles, cards, musical chairs, Simon Says, table tennis, etc. These games are provided by the camping authorities. Those willing to play outdoor games can do engage in it. You can play disc golf, baseball, basketball, football, badminton, hide and seek horseshoes, etc. It is better to engage in outdoor games as it will help you to be more active and boost your immunity. It will also help in bringing you close to nature.

The lakeside view will not only make you feel good but you can also go for some water sports and games as well. Due care is taken by the camping authorities to ensure that safety and security measures are properly looked upon. In case if you do not wish to play either indoor or outdoor games you can simply sit for half an hour in front of the lake. Doing this will make you feel good and you will freshen up.


If you are satisfied with the trip and enjoyed it you need to give feedback about the camping. By doing this you are making other people know about your experience and are encouraging them to book for camping. You can also read reviews before you book for a particular package so that you get a clear picture of it. There is no need to worry as you can get the booking done through the online method.

Camping is a lot of fun and there is no doubt that your family will not enjoy it. So, plan something different this time and there can be no better option than camping.

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