Are you concerned that you simply or anyone near to you is hooked on codeine? Assistance is at hand. Right here we inform you a little about codeine, what to watch out for and the way we can get you or simply a cherished 1 the most effective feasible treatment.

What on earth is codeine?

Codeine is undoubtedly an lively component discovered in a few analgesics (painkillers) and cough syrups. Like morphine, codeine can be an opiate, derived from opium. Analgesics with codeine are readily available as over-the counter remedies for instance Co-Codamol. Avenue names for codeine consist of Captain Cody and cody. Buyers can develop a bodily and psychological dependency to codeine. It produces seemingly nice consequences such as drowsiness and euphoria, and this can be addictive. The body’s tolerance to codeine could be speedily built up and consumers may well locate they may have to acquire progressively higher doses to get the identical impact.

Am I in danger of addiction if I get it?

Codeine AddictionTaking codeine in accordance to healthcare guidance really should pose no hazard. However, having it much too often and in high doses could consequence in significant unwanted effects. These include nausea, constipation, respiration difficulties and perhaps seizures. Combining codeine with other medicine or alcohol is harmful and could bring on overdose and, finally, dying. An addiction to codeine is all way too straightforward to feed; users will frequent a variety of pharmacists to acquire their “fix”.

In case you obtain it really hard to believe anyone might be addicted to codeine without understanding it, you’re not by yourself. Actually, that is the case with many people hooked on this typical painkiller. They have no idea they are really completely dependent on codeine until finally an individual points out the signs to them.

Co Codamol Addiction

Co Codamol is an each individual day OTC treatment a large number of persons just take unsuspectingly, not realising that day-to-day use can cause bodily dependence. This products arrives in different strengths, the strongest sort coming from a prescription only medication from the GP.

In case you assume you may perhaps be a codeine addict, or else you know an individual who possible is, the signs and symptoms of addiction are visible. We have now stated them down below for your thought. Ought to they suggest an addiction, then we strongly urge you to definitely look for out the help that could permit you or your beloved get back regulate.

To make this as simply easy to understand as is possible, we’re going to handle two forms of signs or symptoms: all those which may be noticed by friends and family (typical) and those that will be observed by a physician (health care).

Exactly what are the popular addiction symptoms?

Compulsion – Codeine addicts generally come to feel compelled to take the drug with no any realistic explanation concerning why it is needed
Self-Control – A lack of self-control in frequency and dosage
Withdrawal – Codeine addicts demonstrate physiological withdrawal indications when dosages are decreased or missed
Neglect – Addicts will often neglect matters like individual hygiene and visual appeal since they are no longer important
Tolerance – A codeine addict continuously wants much larger doses to appreciate the exact same influence
Continued Use – Even when an addict is introduced with points concerning the results of long-term codeine use, he continues to implement the drug in any case.
In the event you recognise any of these indications in on your own or a liked just one, you will find there’s potent chance of codeine addiction. It really is a superb concept to seek the advice of the medical professional or drug addiction centre instantly. Even though some discover it difficult to believe that, codeine addiction is usually lifetime threatening. You are able to do substantial damage towards the liver and various essential organs that can final result in loss of lifestyle.

Will my GP assist?

Each time a physician is offered which has a achievable codeine addiction circumstance, he seems for precise clinical evidence. Symptoms he will endeavor to watch consist of:

Repeated requests for codeine prescriptions
Opportunity liver or kidney problems
Gastrointestinal concerns (constipation, nausea, suffering)
Minimal blood pressure, reduced heart amount
Eyesight difficulties (blurred vision, issues observing at nighttime)
Prolonged despair
Sexual dysfunction.
Any of such indicators, blended using the widespread indications detailed before, is a potent sign of a codeine addiction. If a doctor believes addiction is current, they will recommend a plan of action that may include things like cleansing, rehabilitation, or both equally.

It cannot be stressed more than enough that codeine addiction isn’t harmless. It may well not be as speedily and overtly destructive as addictions to illicit medicines, but it really is simply as destructive over the long term. When there is any evidence of codeine addiction in your self or beloved one, please seek out suitable enable instantly. The earlier the addiction cycle could be damaged, the better the possibilities of regaining usual lifestyle.

Some info about codeine addiction

Listed here are five essential information you have to learn about codeine addiction:

1. Roots of Codeine Addiction

Codeine is often a legally approved medicines accustomed to minimize pain. It’s typically approved for people today recovering from surgical procedures, traumatic mishaps, really serious infections, and so forth. As a outcome, the roots of codeine addiction are sometimes based mostly inside a legit professional medical remedy. The everyday codeine addict commences out to be a client in legitimate will need of soreness aid who, for whichever cause, comes to rely upon the drug.

2. Addiction Can Transpire Little by little

Contrary to some illicit medications like crack cocaine, addiction to codeine can arrive on gradually. Which is what causes it to be so harmful. In excess of a person codeine addict has found himself depending on the drug with out ever realising how he obtained to that position of dependence.

Codeine addiction starts off when patients feel they cannot tolerate any total of suffering. They go ahead and take drug as recommended, but they are fearful to wean themselves based on doctor’s recommendations for the reason that they are concerned of unbearable suffering returning. Prior to extensive, they consider codeine is appropriate as a implies of preventing any future ache. At that time, a person is addicted.

3. Addiction is costly

Despite the fact that codeine is actually a prescription/OTC drug it, can be a costly one particular. It is just as able of ruining your financial condition as any illicit street drug. The monetary damage may possibly appear a lot more slowly and gradually, but occur it’ll.

4. Addiction Is usually Life-Threatening

Because codeine is really a prescription drug, modern society has a tendency to not perspective it as perhaps existence threatening. Yet, it really is. Any drug that is definitely abused may have really serious destructive effects to the body on the level of eventual loss of life. There’s no this kind of thing as being a non-life-threatening drug addiction.

5. Addiction Ruins Life

Another popular false impression about codeine addiction is the fact it hurts not one person but addict. But that’s no more true for this drug than it’s for alcohol, cocaine or yet another material. Addiction to codeine can damage the lifestyle from the addict likewise as his associations with relatives, good friends, co-workers, and many others.

The nice information is codeine addiction can be get over with good therapy, counselling and medical intervention. Should you or simply a loved one particular is struggling with codeine addiction, now could be the time to act. Now could be some time to have the enable necessary to beat codeine addiction, making sure that a traditional and effective daily life is often appreciated.

Codeine data

We are able to get some notion of the scope of your difficulty by hunting on the quantity of prescriptions remaining composed for opioids. Codeine is an element of that class of medication.

Stats exhibit that amongst 1999 and 2008 the volume of prescriptions went from approximately six.two million yearly to 14.8 million. Which is a boost of 400%. Experts say this variety does not reflect an elevated range of sufferers suffering from ache. Relatively, it demonstrates a larger willingness among the health professionals to prescribe opioids rather than count on safer analgesics.

Among the many most powerful on this course of drugs are substances like morphine and oxycodone. Statistics demonstrate that their use has also jumped from one.4 million to much more than 4 million about the last 10 years. This type of staggering increase during the use of these medication is frightening

Codeine addiction withdrawal

Addiction withdrawal is unpleasant regardless of the substance concerned. It really is no unique when breaking codeine addiction. Sadly, withdrawal indications are enough to travel lots of addicts proper again to the drug they can be trying to kick. Recognizing the indications beforehand, hence the preparations is usually built, could be useful.

The good information about codeine withdrawal is usually that it truly is not necessarily as difficult as a few other prescription drugs. If an addict can get ready for five to 7 days of soreness, detoxification is usually completed comparably swiftly. From there it is actually a subject of routine maintenance for as long as it’s going to take to stay drug-free.

As with all drug, there are two forms of signs that accompany codeine withdrawal: actual physical and psychological. For many, the bodily withdrawal signs and symptoms are worse, for many others it is actually just the opposite. Both of those could be overcome with some persistence and aid.

Physical codeine withdrawal

Withdrawal from codeine commences within the issue wherever the level of the drug during the system prompts the addict to go ahead and take up coming dose. The severity from the symptoms is different in every single individual person:

  • Complications – Most codeine addicts report headache as remaining the initial symptom. The complications are referred to as dull and persistent, long lasting three days or lengthier.
  • Suffering – Because codeine addiction usually begins as a result of suffering administration, the suffering the addict is trying to cover-up returns while using the withdrawal. Accompanying the original pain can also be standard entire body aches during the muscle groups and joints.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – Codeine does do damage to both the liver and kidneys. Through withdrawal, a few of that problems can manifest as a result of nausea and vomiting. Moreover, gastrointestinal soreness and diarrhea usually are section of the equation.
  • Shakes and Sweating – Involuntary muscle mass actions, also called ‘the shakes’, will often be existing as well as sweating. The severity of these muscle mass movements is often considerable.
  • Psychological codeine withdrawal

codeine tabletsThe psychological indicators of codeine withdrawal is usually equally as powerful and discouraging. However, the addict who will persist through them will prevail. These psychological indications consist of:

Habitual Compulsions – Any routine someone develops may be tough to break simply just because behaviors turn into a usual part of what he does. Like cigarette smoking cigarettes, the particular habit of getting codeine may possibly be a lot more highly effective compared to addiction for the drug alone.
Unreasonable Worry – The concern of unmanageable soreness or an inability to cope is yet another highly effective psychological withdrawal symptom. People generally think that with no codeine they can under no circumstances be capable of enable it to be.
Recognise addiction in your self or cherished types

Marilyn is really a one woman in her early 30’s who, less than normal situations, would likely be married having a pair of kids in addition to a good occupation. She would possibly have hobbies and pursuits common of most other ladies in the British isles, along with goals for the long term. Having said that, Marilyn will not be living beneath standard circumstances. She’s hooked on codeine.

Marilyn’s addiction began pretty much eight years in the past following a skiing accident resulted inside a back injury. Her physician recommended codeine that will help her control her discomfort – a chronic agony that continued for months. Marilyn became hooked on her prescription drug due to the fact she understood no other technique to cope.

Sadly, Marilyn is just not on your own. Official government estimates set the amount of codeine addicts within the British isles someplace in close proximity to 30,000 or more. In addition, many of them acquired begun a similar way Marilyn did, by using a prescription codeine product or service to manage suffering just after a collision, injuries, or ailment.

If Marilyn’s story appears related to the individual daily life, it will be smart that you should move back again and consider an honest search at where by that you are. Have you been employing codeine for an extended amount of money of time? Would you come to feel compelled to go ahead and take drug even though it doesn’t make sense that you ought to require it? Would you uncover you will need more substantial doses as time passes to obtain the identical result?

In case you answered ‘yes’ to these questions then you may perhaps use a codeine addiction dilemma. It is time you make the decision, right this moment, to halt once and for all. You can find enable obtainable, however you won’t ever achieve success until finally you dedicate yourself to halting. That requires you recognise your addiction for what it can be.

Treatment for codeine addiction

Acquiring someone with the addiction to prescribed drugs to accept help is tricky. Quite a few buyers really don’t realise they’ve an addiction. The popular picture of a drug addict is of an specific “shooting up” inside of a seedy ecosystem, not of somebody getting tablets which are legally readily available. But addiction to codeine is quite real. Addicts may take involving 20 and thirty drugs everyday, or maybe the equal in cough syrup. codeine-bottles

As being a end result, abrupt withdrawal is usually unpleasant and harmful, major to seizures and convulsion. Detox should really be performed inside of a residential treatment centre or beneath a medically managed property detox programme. It is usually essential that a codeine addict addresses the psychological concerns at the rear of their addiction as element of their long-term recovery. At Addiction Helper, we’ll guideline you thru the obtainable choices for treating codeine addiction, and provides you and your family all of the assist you would like.

The amount of people today suffering from codeine addiction is not really clearly regarded in the Uk, but data demonstrate it is actually about the rise. Trusted numbers are really hard to come back by simply because codeine and codeine-based painkillers can be obtained by way of both prescriptions and over-the-counter (OTC). On the other hand, figures apart, codeine addiction is a very authentic situation that needs skilled treatment to beat.

Codeine addiction treatment provides two principal methodologies: cleansing and rehabilitation. Some patients pick out a single or even the other while some opt for a mixture of the two. The treatment for just about any person addict is approximately him and people offering the care.


Sometimes known simply just as detox, this treatment is intended to be certain the addict is drug-free inside of a make any difference of times. It can be a ‘cold turkey’ strategy which will contain intervention or be distinctive of it. Equally have their strengths:

Intervention – When intervention is included, it usually arrives by way of a mild sedative allowing for the addict to slumber by way of almost all of the very first few days. By sleeping, the indicators of withdrawal tend to be more simply tolerated. Sedation ordinarily very last for three to four days.
Non-intervention – Cleansing without intervention is actually a make any difference of enabling the addict to go through withdrawal with out clinical aid. Those people assigned to care for the affected individual make him as at ease as is possible although aiding him get by way of.
Upon completion of your codeine detox, some clients can walk absent with out getting any even more troubles. This method is chosen generally when an addict has to break his addiction cleanly and immediately. Many others still battle along with the temptations of codeine addiction even immediately after cleansing. For them, an opiate blocking medicine can be used for as many as 12 months that can help protect against relapse.


The principle of codeine rehabilitation is one made for getting to the core issues of why someone is abusing codeine. Make no slip-up; compound abuse is always much more than simply a physical addiction. It involves psychological and psychological issues at the same time. As an example, codeine addicts generally have an unreasonable concern of agony.

Rehabilitation can make use of a variety of parts:

Team Treatment – Team remedy enables addicts to invest time with each other discussing their lives as addicts and their goals for being drug-free. The mutual aid can be an encouragement for every individual to keep likely irrespective of how tricky factors grow to be.
Counselling – One-on-one counselling is likewise used to tackle distinct problems with the particular person addict. This type of counselling is invaluable as it could be personalized customized as wanted.
Aftercare – Quite possibly the most successful rehabilitation programs include aftercare; a kind of intervention that makes absolutely sure the addict proceeds searching for aid and counselling even soon after leaving a rehab centre. Aftercare is important in preventing relapses amongst those people addicts who may have applied the rehabilitation process.
Depending within the extent of your codeine addiction, rehabilitation treatment may be between 3 to six months. If a rehab centre believes it’s necessary, the addict’s relatives can even be concerned like a guidance system in addition to a usually means of accountability.

Acquiring assist for codeine addiction

Even though you are doing suffer from long-term, serious suffering that may be disruptive on your everyday living, prolonged use of codeine is not the respond to. Codeine can injury the liver and kidneys and might eventually produce demise. It is actually not a drug for being taken frivolously just because it truly is so very easily readily available.

In case you happen to be utilizing codeine for more than a couple of weeks, it is best to allow it to be a precedence to talk with the health practitioner regarding the prospective for codeine addiction. When you show any on the symptoms of addiction, perhaps you’ll want to request out a rehabilitation system.

Regardless of what you need to do, never just take codeine addiction lightly. When there is any chance whatsoever that you choose to may well possess a difficulty together with the drug, get enable without delay. The earlier you do the better off both you and your beloved kinds will be.

For more information, help, suggestions or to speak to us regarding your possess or possibly a cherished one’s codeine addiction, call us on 0800 forty four 88 688.